Series A Announcement

$40M investment leading to big changes

Carrum Health was founded on a simple principle; to bring common sense to a healthcare system fraught with issues and rising costs. What we’ve achieved to date is nothing short of amazing.

Our approach is helping self-insured employers save up to 50% on surgeries. Even better, their employees receive zero medical bills while seeing the best surgeons in the nation. How? By negotiating directly with top medical facilities and bundling all the services a patient needs into one, upfront payment.

We’ve worked extremely hard over the past 6 years to grow our list of world-class providers like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Scripps Health, and more. We’ve also harnessed some of the best talent in Silicon Valley to build the only technology of its kind. A robust, multi-channeled app that streamlines the healthcare process for everyone involved:

      • Employees are guided step by step through their surgery
      • Employers can easily customize offerings for their workforce
      • And our care specialists can monitor each patient’s progress to help when needed

The extensive groundwork and mature technology have had investors clamoring to get involved, and we are happy to announce that we have closed a $40M Series A. Our immediate focus is on continuing to expand our provider network and providing the best possible experience for employees seeking surgery. In addition, that investment will allow us to take the next steps to bring much-needed change to the healthcare industry.

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