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Carrum Health Is Developing a New Blueprint for Affordable Care in America

Healthcare prices are racing upward with the speed of a runaway train, leaving cost-burdened employers no option but to keep pace. In recent years, market consolidation has empowered oversized networks like Mass General Brigham, Sutter Health, and John Muir Health to monopolize regions and essentially dictate prices to employers.
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Advanced Human Imaging (ASX:AHI) one step closer to Physimax buyout

“The musculoskeletal assessment space is seeing accelerated interest, with a number of insurance and care-based platforms having adopted Musculoskeletal assessment, being Dario Health, Hinge Health and Carrum Health, all now adding offerings within their customer care initiatives,” AHI CEO and Chairman Vlado Bosanac said.
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Hinge Health, Carrum Health team up to offer integrated MSK solution for employers

Hinge Health developed a digital musculoskeletal clinic to treat back and joint pain with dedicated programs for different patients’ needs. The company is teaming up with Carrum Health to offer an integrated MSK solution for employers.
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What Memorial Sloan Kettering and Carrum Health learned from developing cancer bundles

In early 2021, Carrum Health and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) announced a partnership to offer bundled cancer care to employers.
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A cost-saving healthcare startup is tapping Hinge to simplify the digital health boom for big companies

The digital health boom saturating the employer benefits market is leading to more partnerships among some of the industry’s top startups.
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Hinge Health and Carrum Health Join Forces to Create a One-of-a-Kind Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Solution for the Employer Market

A truly unique, fully integrated Digital MSK Clinic and Centers of Excellence surgery solution for employers
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Digital Health Startups Backed by Tiger Global Management

Since November, Tiger Global has participated digital health funding rounds worth $2.2 billion. The asset manager has invested billions in consumer- and finance-geared tech startups. The 15 startups it’s backed in the last five months, include DispatchHealth and Hinge Health.
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Our Healthcare System Needs More Than Policy Overhaul: It’s Time for Private Sector Innovation to Kick into High Gear for Our Health’s Sake

Last year I was heading to a meeting on a Fortune 500 business campus and stumbled upon a bake sale. It was odd to see someone selling cupcakes and breads on the grounds of a major corporation, so I inquired. As it turns out, Judy, an employee, was selling baked goods to finance her insurance deductible for spinal fusion surgery.
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Podcast: Commercial Insurers Take Note: Bundled Payments Can Save Thousands Per Procedure

Bundled payments have long been an experiment in the Medicare program to help reduce health care spending. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) gave the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services broad authority to test bundled payments, or paying providers for episodes of care instead of for each service provided.
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Carrum Health’s Bundles Breakthrough: Is a Contracting “Ultima Thule” in Sight?

The analysis published in the March Health Affairs issue of a Carrum Health bundled-payments initiative, points to a tantalizing possibility: that a new, game-changing, payment model might really be on the horizon
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