Patient Stories


The Difference is Night and Day

Joe’s Hip Replacement

Joe has been a full-time musician for 45 years. For the last 15, he’s spent every day entertaining at nursing homes, where he puts on immersive shows. With his charming personality and lively performance, he gets everyone out of their seats dancing along. Unfortunately, Joe was finding it more difficult every day to move. Read the Full Story…

Patient Success Stories

A Real Pain in the Neck

Trina's Neck Pain Surgery

Trina Bull, a second-grade teacher from CA, has dealt with neck pain for several years, stemming from a serious car accident at the age of 4…

A New Lease on Life

Fidelia's Double Knee Replacement Surgery

Fidelia was at a crossroads. She was in pain and needed surgery on both of her knees. She was told it would cost her thousands of dollars…

Running into Challenges

Clif's Hip Replacement

Clif Brady lives to travel, so it made perfect sense when he joined an airline as a flight attendant. Twenty-four years later, he’s still with the…

Taking Care of Myself for My Kids

Danielle’s Weight Loss Surgery

Danielle wakes up every morning and takes care of her two toddlers, Ava and Antonio. She spends the day with them reading books, finishing…

A Leap of Faith with Carrum Health

Stephanie's Coronary Bypass Surgery

Stephanie always knew she had a heart condition; she was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a child. But in 2004, when she was pregnant….