Our Solution

Our Solution

The first comprehensive bundled payment solution for employers.

Carrum Health directly connects progressive self-insured employers to top-quality regional healthcare providers through the industry’s first comprehensive bundled payment solution. Our innovative platform reimagines how care is paid for and delivered, improving the value of health benefits for employers and their members.

Turnkey features for employers to unlock savings with no hassle.


Provider Contracting

Full-service provider management with robust quality evaluation and standard bundled contracts. All bundles have a compelling price and readmission warranty. Adding new providers or procedures is fast and simple.


Member Engagement

Our comprehensive engagement toolkit includes incentive design, custom communication campaigns, and integration with existing programs and channels. We partner with clients to drive high utilization of this great benefit.


Operations Platform

Implementing and running the solution is effortless, from efficient payment processing to integration with existing benefits. You can easily customize policies and procedures to fit your organization.


Analytical Insights

Intelligent analytics to monitor the performance of the program, isolate actionable improvements and find expansion opportunities. Our predictive algorithms maximize employee engagement.

Top Quality

Top Quality Providers

Exclusive access to top-quality hospitals and surgeons in your region. We’ve done all the homework to give you better care and peace of mind when it is needed most.

Intuitive Patient

Intuitive Patient Tools

Our easy-to-use tools create the patient experience we all deserve. With step-by-step guidance, straightforward progress tracking and helpful reminders - you will never be lost or confused.

Care Concierge

Care Concierge Service

Friendly and knowledgeable support from a dedicated Carrum Care Concierge, who is your personal assistant and compassionate advocate throughout the entire journey.

Great experience and peace of mind for members.

a Unique Opportunity

No risk. No hassle.
Work with us and save.

Zero Setup Fees

Receive a free claims analysis to learn how much your company can save.


No need for prolonged and painful implementation. Our turnkey solution is deployed with minimal involvement in a matter of weeks.

Fits With Existing Benefits

Our solution is 100% compatible with your current benefits. Enhance your members’ experience without changing health plans or narrowing options.