Cut surgery costs in half

We help you save in two ways with a program designed to reduce costs and minimize unnecessary procedures.

Proven by peer-reviewed studies to deliver better results

Provide better care

We ensure members get the care that is best for them—whether surgery or otherwise, avoiding 30% of unnecessary procedures.

Save on every procedure

Surgeries account for a huge portion of your healthcare costs. Partner with us to reduce surgical spend by up to 45%.

Start seeing results

We seamlessly plug into your existing benefits’ ecosystem, making implementation possible in as little as four to six weeks.

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Large employers report MSK conditions as the top driver of total healthcare spend. That makes these conditions the clearest way to tackle high healthcare costs.

When members begin exploring surgery for joint, spine, or injury problems, we guide them through their journey to determine if surgery is appropriate. If that’s the case, we bundle all the care they need into one, upfront payment and work with our network of surgeons to guarantee the outcomes.


With the rising health concerns of obesity, weight loss procedures offer an effective intervention to improve quality of life and overall health while significantly reducing medical costs over a member’s lifetime.

We offer a comprehensive approach to bariatric surgery to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our evidence-based approach includes both psychological and physical evaluations by our COE partners to mitigate the volatility and varied outcomes typically associated with weight loss surgery.


Costs and outcomes for planned cardiac surgery vary significantly. Our approach to cardiac care ensures not only transparent and predictable pricing, but also outstanding results.

We offer members access to top cardiologists who perform a wide array of evidence-based cardiovascular surgeries.


Cancer is one of the most expensive conditions to treat, accounting for 12% of annual employer healthcare spend and upward of $400,000 per episode. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, the last thing members should have to worry about is paying for or coordinating care.

We worked with leading oncologists to design our cancer care treatment bundles. With upfront, predictable pricing, most employers see significant savings compared with traditional fee-for-service billing, so they can better manage healthcare spending. Members gain peace of mind that they’re getting the best care possible with little to no out-of-pocket cost for covered services.

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